FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are questions which patients frequently ask.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Online messenger: Yahoo & Skype: krmedical911 / Email sjubiq@sj-u.co.kr


What do I need to request for consultation?

Providing basic personal information and detail medical information is essential.

Personal information(Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Gender)

Medical information(Diagnosis from local hospital, medical report, medical data(MRI, CT, X-RAY, etc.))

We will proceed medical consultation with Korean hospitals when we receive these information.


Does Korea Medical Tourism Center charge any extra fees?


As you can see our profit model in 'How we work' page, we don't charge any fees to our customers.

Patients only pay their medical fees to hospital.

Medical translation fee could be charged to patient(patients pay directly to medical translator), only when medical translator is needed.


Is Korea Medical Tourism Center certified by government?


Korea Medical Tourism Center is certified as 'Leading Medical Tour Agency', by Ministry of Health & Welfare in Korea. Only 7 companies are certified as leading medical tour agency in Korea currently.












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