The liver is vital organ for maintenance of life liver produce factors that prevent bleeding. Play an important role in the metabolism and detoxification of toxic substances. Currently there is no artificial organ to replace it. Thus, the only treatment for patients with end-stage liver failure is the liver transplantation from a healthy person. In recent years, doctors apply to liver cancer patients. And Treat liver cancer and chronic liver disease at the same time through the liver transplantation. It is also better than other treatments. 

liver recipient

Living Donor Liver Transplantation


 Living Donor Liver Transplantation is a way to transplant a part of liver of live-donor. The liver has excellent regenerative capacity. The case of adult, even without 70% of liver, there is no life-threatening. The liver is regenerated within 1 year. The age of the donor is Over 16 years old, donor have to matching the same blood type with Beneficiaries. And donor must have a healthy body and mind. 





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